Chris Cuomo Hits Fox News In Trainwreck Kellyanne Conway Interview, She Says He’s ‘Jealous’

During an explosive segment with Kellyanne Conway on Chris Cuomo‘s CNN show Thursday night, talk turned to the opioid crisis and CNN’s jealousy of Fox News.

“The president is breaking the back of the opioid crisis,” Conway claimed.

“He’s not breaking the back on the opioid crisis,” Cuomo retorted. “I can’t let you say things that aren’t true… Go to Fox for that.”

“Okay, I’m so glad you mentioned Fox, because none of you are able to get through most of your shows without mentioning them,” Conway replied, telling Cuomo it was “not a good look to be so jealous of Fox News’ ratings.”

“I almost never mention them by name,” Cuomo shot back. “I’m jealous of the opportunities they get to test power. They just don’t take them. That’s what I’m jealous of.”

Cuomo continued on with Conway talking over him, “Listen, I’m not in the business of attacking other people in the business. Let me tell you — if you’re going to argue you’ve got to be straight about it. If you want to talk about African-Americans and the economy, be straight about it.”

Watch above, via CNN

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