Chris Hayes to GOP Sen.: What Line Does Trump Have to Cross to Lose GOP Support?

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes spoke with a Republican senator last night very critical of Donald Trump and just straight-up asked him what line he has to cross for other Republicans in Washington to finally throw him to the curb.

It’s a difficult dilemma for Republicans, because the only alternative to Trump is the much-despised Hillary Clinton. But some Republicans have already decided that Clinton is a decent alternative to The Donald.

Senator Jeff Flake told Hayes that he cannot abide Trump’s attacks, but Hayes pressed him on why so many other Republicans supposedly disgusted by his behavior are still clinging to him:

“As a general principle here, it does seem to me that perhaps one’s duty to one’s party and some moral commitments that a politician might have seem to be in conflict… There are certain things that, say, a nominee of the party you support would say or support that would be out past what you could in good conscience continue to support? What is that line? If it has not been crossed yet, what could conceivably be the line that could cross that?”

Flake said the line has already been crossed for him, while still noting Trump could change. Hayes asked, “Isn’t that just people lying to themselves?”

Watch how Flake answered above, via MSNBC.

[image via screengrab]

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