CNN Panel Blasts Trump TV: ‘Fair and Balanced?’


Kayleigh McEnany was an election year fixture on CNN. Throughout the campaign, the conservative commentator was often seen making the case for Donald Trump — a case made by very few CNN pundits this side of Jeffrey Lord.

On Sunday, one day after announcing she was no longer with the network, McEnany suddenly appeared on Trump’s Facebook page, anchoring a campaign ad/pro-Trump news broadcast of sorts. And a CNN panel led by former colleague Dana Bash took turns blasting her new outlet.

During the concluding segment on Monday’s Inside Politics, Bash and Daily Beast Washington correspondent Jackie Kucinich ripped the Facebook broadcasts by invoking McEnany’s closing line “And that’s the real news.”

“I think if you have to say it’s the real news…” Kucinich said.

“Kind of like ‘Fair and Balanced,'” Bash replied, using the opportunity to take a shot at CNN competitor Fox News.

Michael Warren of the Weekly Standard added:

“This looks kind of like cable news,” Warren said. “This is the milieu in which Trump thrives.”

But Bash wasn’t prepared to give Trump TV high marks for production values.

“Cable access,” she said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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