Donald Trump Convention Speech Beats Clinton’s in Ratings

Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_2-1-650x433According to preliminary ratings from Nielsen, Hillary Clinton‘s Thursday DNC address was less-watched than Donald Trump‘s RNC speech a week earlier… but not by much.

In total, 30 million viewers watched Trump speak, while 28 million watched Clinton. Trump got better ratings on the Big Three networks by a slim margin (4.587 mil to 4.52 mil for NBC, 3.861 mil to 3.85 mil for ABC, and 3.80 mil to 3.65 mil for CBS).

On cable networks the gap was much larger. Clinton beat Trump by roughly two million viewers on both MSNBC and CNN. But that deficit was more than made up for by Fox News viewers, 9.35 million of whom tuned in to Trump compared to only 3.03 million for Clinton.

Trump’s rating victory represents a reversal from the trend earlier in the week, in which the Democratic National Convention received better ratings than its Republican counterpart a week earlier.

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