Fox Host Kennedy: ‘We Would All Be Up in Arms’ If Obama Pulled What Trump Did on Border Wall


Fox Business host Kennedy criticized President Donald Trump for suggesting he’d find ways to fund his border wall without Congressional approval, noting her fellow co-hosts would be up in arms if Obama had proposed as similar move.

Kennedy cited Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, who blasted the president for his suggestions on how to fund the border wall.

“That’s not the way the government works,” Kennedy said on Outnumbered. “You can’t just take $1 billion from this program, $1 billion from over here, and then put it toward your pet project.”

“If this were the Obama administration and President Obama had done that with Solyndra, and taken money from the defense budget for a solar panel company, we would all be up in arms,” she continued. “It’s really not okay, it’s not how the government should function. If the president wasn’t able to get this funding when he had both chambers, it just goes to show what a politically toxic issue this is.”

“At this point, it’s almost a health care-level failure,” she added.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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