Fox’s Roginsky: If Romney Takes Job, He’ll Have to Say Something That Sounds Like an Apology

roginskyFox’s The Five talked today about whether Mitt Romney would accept being Donald Trump‘s nomination to the position of Secretary of State. Julie Roginsky threw out the theory that Trump isn’t serious, but just dangling the position out there only to ensure he’s “killed by 1000 cuts.”

A few Trump surrogates have been publicly saying Trump shouldn’t get the job, and while Roginsky doesn’t think he’ll end up getting it, she hoped she was wrong.

Now, if Romney does get the offer and accepts it, there’s a report today saying he may be forced to publicly apologize to Trump beforehand. And if he doesn’t, Roginsky pointed out that he’ll have to say something about his past attacks on Trump anyway:

“If he takes the job, the first question will be––either at a Senate confirmation hearing or even from the press beforehand, ‘Governor Romney, why did you think that Donald Trump was completely unfit to be President of the United States and all the horrible names that you called him over the last 18 months… why now, governor, do you think that you will work for this man that you think is wholly unqualified to be president?'”

Roginsky concluded, “He’s gonna have to say something that’s gonna sound like an apology.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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