Howard Kurtz Slams Media Over Cohen Coverage: ‘Shocked to Discover That There’s Gambling in Casablanca’

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz opened today’s MediaBuzz knocking CNN and MSNBC for their focus on the Michael Cohen payments over President Trump‘s withdrawal from the Iran deal.

In the past week, payments to Cohen from multiple companies––one linked to a Russian oligarch––were first revealed by Stormy Daniels‘ lawyer Michael Avenatti and subsequently confirmed by multiple news outlets.

“These disclosures about Michael Cohen are news, period,” Kurtz said. “But are they more important than the global impact of the President walking away from the Iran nuclear agreement?”

Gillian Turner said it self-evidently isn’t, while Mollie Hemingway said this was a “criminal leak” and “an attempt to tie this to the Russia conspiracy.”

Kurtz did note his own network’s primetime coverage (or, rather, lack thereof) of Cohen, saying it’s “gotten far less coverage” on Fox.

But he also went on to say this:

“The media are just shocked, SHOCKED to discover that there’s gambling in Casablanca, talking here about these big companies. It’s not––I’m not defending this practice, but DC is a swampy place. This has gone on for many, many administrations, where you hire someone who is a friend of somebody who’s high up in the White House or the President because you’re looking for access and somebody who can carry your message.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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