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Jake Tapper Confronts Pompeo: Wouldn’t You Be Upset If a Dem POTUS Invited the Taliban to Camp David?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on the big five Sunday shows this morning, and naturally the subject of President Donald Trump cancelling talks with Taliban leaders at Camp David came up.

Pompeo said that it “made no sense for the Taliban to be rewarded,” though Tapper pointed out the Taliban has killed U.S. service members for years and questioned Pompeo on what’s different this time.

Tapper noted the serious criticism that Taliban leaders were being invited to Camp David leading up to the 9/11 anniversary, particularly when recently “the Taliban put out a video in which they… reiterated their support for the 9/11 attacks.”

“Why bring people like that to Camp David?” Tapper asked.

“We’re trying to get this accomplished. The American people are demanding it,” Pompeo responded. “We have an obligation to do everything we can… We understand who the Taliban are. There’s no more clear-eyed an administration.”

Tapper specifically questioned Pompeo on how he feels about this, remarking, “I can’t help but think that if a Democratic president had talked about having the Taliban come to Camp David to negotiate a peace process that was not already a done deal, that you as a congressman, as a soldier, as a veteran, as a West Point graduate, that you would be rather upset?”

Pompeo insisted to Tapper he’s wrong and that he’s been “fully supportive of this effort.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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