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James Clyburn Calls Trump Aide Stephen Miller a ‘Cancer on This Country’

Rep. James Clyburn, a member of House Democratic leadership, called President Donald Trump aide Stephen Miller a “cancer on this country.”

Clyburn was speaking with CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield on CNN Newsroom Saturday, and drove the conversation toward Miller and the Trump administration supposedly appropriating religion for its own ends.

“I really believe that the American people need to speak up. I’m so glad that people from the Jewish community are now speaking up about Stephen Miller,” Clyburn said.

“Asking that he resign or be at least be removed?” Whitfield clarified.

“That’s exactly right, he should be,” Clyburn said. “This guy is really a cancer on this country, not just this presidency. The same thing is happening now with the evangelical community, the Christian community. I was born and raised and know what the Bible says about a whole lot of things. Certainly it’s not what Franklin Graham is saying. He must not be reading the same Bible that I have read and the Bible that his father preached from so much.”

In an interview with Fox Business’ Trish Reagan Friday, Miller said the Democrats who say he’s a white supremacist and racist are being anti-Semitic. A number of Jewish Democratic lawmakers have called for Trump to oust Miller based on leaked emails showing he worked to boost arguments from white nationalist groups.

Watch above, via CNN.

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