Jesse Watters: Maybe a Democrat Leaked Racist Northam Photo After ‘Infanticide’ Mess

On Saturday, Fox News’ Jesse Watters theorized that perhaps a Democrat was behind the release of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam‘s yearbook page showing a racist image.

On that yearbook page from Northam’s medical school days, there is a photo of two people. One person is wearing blackface. The other person is wearing a Klan robe.

After the photo came to light, many are calling on the governor to resign. So far, Northam says the photo is not him and he is not leaving his post.

The unearthing of the photo comes just after Northam stirred controversy with his comments about late-term abortion.

According to Watters, the timing may not have been mere coincidence and a Democrat may have even been behind the leak.

“This is what my gut tells me,” he surmised, adding he had no hard proof. “He made such a mess with this infanticide situation…to say you are going to deliver a baby and then you are going to terminate the baby as it’s being delivered. He supported that. And then, just a few days later this KKK blackface photo comes out. I am thinking to myself, this might have even been a Democrat who was so revolted by this in Virginia, maybe he just shopped it around.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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