Jesse Watters on Border Wall: ‘Doesn’t Nancy Pelosi Have a Wall Around Her House?’


During a discussion on President Donald Trump‘s proposed border wall on Saturday, Fox News host Jesse Watters raised a question about Nancy Pelosi‘s wall around her own home.

“Doesn’t Nancy Pelosi have a wall around her house?” Watters asked, prompting Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk to note the other Democrats who had a wall too.

“And Maxine Waters,” Kirk opined before noting walls do work.

“If walls don’t work. Why does the Vatican have them,” referring to the centuries-old walls.

He continued on: “If walls don’t work, why does Israel and other countries start to build them?…[The Democrats] are intentionally demagoguing this subject.

Kirk then said this: “We are behind the president 100%… it defends our sovereignty.”

Watters’ question, by the way, is reminiscent of President Donald Trump‘s own argument justifying the border wall because Barack and Michelle Obama have one around their Washington DC home.

Trump was widely mocked for his claim on Twitter and as the Washington Post pointed out, his claim of a 10-foot fence was just flat out wrong.

Watch above, via Fox News

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