Jesse Watters: The Left ‘Responded More Passionately to a Trump Tweet Than an ISIS Attack’

On Thursday night, The Five reacted to President Trump‘s tweets attacking MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

Greg Gutfeld kicked off the conversation by saying he “didn’t like the tweet,” but he “detests them more.”

“The horror is coming from the political world and the media world,” he said, “but what about the world at home that has been treated like idiots by the political world and the media world?”

He then called the Morning Joe hosts “craven opportunists” who have been using Trump forever in an “incredibly strange co-dependent relationship.”

“The guy is a real estate developer from Queens,” Gutfeld continued. “He’s not a professor of gender studies. This is what he’s done all his life. He’s a trash-talker and when he gets pissed off, that’s what he does.”

He added that he thinks it’s sexist to expect someone to treat a woman differently since his insults are just as harsh to men as they are to women. “That makes him less sexist than the people who are calling him sexist!” he exclaimed.

Dana Perino said the biggest winner in all of this was CNN because no one is talking about their recent controversies anymore.

“He says he doesn’t watch Morning Joe… he’s not alone!” Perino said, “If they’re so irrelevant, why prop them up?”

She said that his tweets only benefit him and the media and not the people that voted for him.

Jesse Watters chimed in and said he thinks Trump shouldn’t have sent the tweet but understands why he did.

“He had a very long personal relationship with these two hosts. He went on their show for many, many years. They socialized on and off camera. And they had a very nice relationship for a long time. And then the Morning Joe people turned on him and he feels personally betrayed. So he’s responding emotionally, he’s upset about it…”

While Watters agreed with Gutfeld that Trump goes after anybody, it’s not the “gentlemanly thing to do” to comment on a woman’s face.

He then turned to “all the hypocrisy” that’s going on and there was very little outrage when a Democratic Congressman made a sexist joke about Kellyanne Conway and that these were the same Democrats that defended Bill Clinton.

“They responded more passionately to a Trump tweet than an ISIS attack,” he added.

“Holy smokes!” Juan Williams later interjected. “What a performance by four of The Five!”

His co-hosts immediately objected to his remarks.

Williams accused his colleagues of “trying to make excuses” for Trump.

“This is not normal!” Williams shouted.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.



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