Joe Scarborough Sees Rick Perry Speech And Thinks ‘Valium, Vicodin and Vodka’

After showing a mostly out-of-context series of clips from Rick Perry‘s loose appearance Friday in New Hampshire, the 4,000 people on screen at once on Monday’s Morning Joe wondered what had gotten the GOP candidate so loose. While the general consensus was that Perry was just showing a more fun side, there was a heavy bit of intimation that he might have been boozing it up. When prompted to name her favorite cocktail, Mika Brzezinski coyly demurred, but Joe Scarborough mentioned that when he had severe back pain, his cocktail was “valium, vicodin…and just a little bit of vodka.” After being accused of possibly implying Perry was using drugs, Scaroborough clarified. “I’m not saying he was using drugs, I’m saying I was.”

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Brzezinski then finished off the segment by leaving the whole thing open-ended. “It just makes you think, that’s all,” she says. “[There’s] not a law against thinking someone was acting completely loopy and wondering…if they were maybe…”

Watch the extended clip of Perry’s performance in New Hampshire first, then enjoy the clip below, courtesy of MSNBC.

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