Jon Stewart Explains WH Visits: Obama Wanted to Know Why I’m ‘Such an Asshole’

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.31.34 PMA report about Jon Stewart‘s White House visits set off a media frenzy this week, especially on conservative news outlets. Even Mediaite’s own Joe Concha called Stewart a media “stenographer” and a “dishonest” performer as a result.

Well, Stewart thought the media was engaging in some pretty huge exaggeration, and cleared up tonight exactly what happened, after first mockingly saying the meeting began with “the traditional Saul Alinsky prayer” before they “took turns fucking a replica of the Reagan eye socket.”

More seriously, Stewart said he met with the president, they argued a bit, President Obama told him he’s making young people too cynical, and Stewart said he wasn’t. Basically, he explained, his meeting with Obama was along the same lines as pretty much every other high-profile meeting he’s had: asking the question “Jon, why are you such an asshole?”

Stewart pointed out that he’s even met secretly with Roger Ailes and mocked Politico for “pretty basic factual errors” in their report.

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

[image via screengrab]

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