Jon Stewart Mocks Lawrence O’Donnell’s Empty Chair Interview…By Interviewing A Fan

Jon Stewart Mocks Lawrence O'Donnell's Empty Chair Interview...

Jon Stewart‘s back this week, and just in time to watch Lawrence O’Donnell interview an empty chair. On his show Tuesday, Stewart opened by poking fun at the O’Donnell interview — before deciding to do his own interview…with a fan.

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O’Donnell was supposed to interview George Zimmerman‘s lawyer on his show Monday night, but the lawyer left the studio last minute. Furious, O’Donnell proceeded to interview an empty chair with questions he had for the lawyer.

“He’s grilling the chair!” Stewart exclaimed. “No, the chair doesn’t have medical records to show you! It’s a chair! You should be yelling at the filing cabinet.”

He added, “Note to self: do not go to Ikea with Lawrence O’Donnell.”

Calming down, Stewart conceded, “You know, I live in the New York City, I see a lot of people yelling at chairs. None of them have TV shows!”

But he digressed. “Anyway, after watching this for like 10 minutes,” he said, “I started feeling badly for the chair.” So naturally, Stewart decided to interview he chair’s lawyer…the fan. Unable keep a straight face, Stewart said the alternate idea for that segment was that Zimmerman’s lawyer was there the whole time — he was just “really, really tiny,” Honey! I Shrunk the Kids style.

“Sometimes it’s fun to be stupid,” he concluded.

Take a look, via Comedy Central:

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