Joy Behar on GOP’s Vaccine Fumbles: Jenny McCarthy Should Run for President

Former View cohost Joy Behar joked on Morning Joe Tuesday morning that the reemergence of vaccine denialism thanks to a handful of GOP figures meant her old colleague Jenny McCarthy, in large part responsible for the mainstreaming of the vaccine-autism link, was suddenly presidential candidate material, at least on the right.

“My friend Jenny McCarthy is in the middle of this,” Behar said. “She said it caused autism back then. Now presidential candidates are agreeing with her! So my feeling is: why doesn’t Jenny run for president?”

“This is this neanderthal thinking on the right that is really scary and dangerous,” Behar continued. “Climate change deniers, vaccination deniers — they are going to kill us!”

MJ cohosts Mika Brezezinski and Joe Scarborough interjected that the issue was not only the GOP’s side. “There are people on the left who have this issue,” Brzezinski said.

“Are they running for president?” Behar asked.

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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