Krugman: Liberals Have ‘Level of Openness’ to Other Opinions That Conservatives Don’t

Paul Krugman said on MSNBC last night that liberals have a “level of openness” to other points of view that conservatives don’t.

He and Chris Hayes discussed the conservative media bubble where “you only watch Fox News” and if there’s some piece of information that doesn’t comport with your worldview, it’s obviously liberal media bias.

To be fair, Hayes brought up the idea of liberals getting caught up in their own bubbles too. Krugman didn’t quite think it’s perfectly balanced like that, saying “people like me are aware of what’s on Fox News” while it’s doubtful Fox Newsers are aware of what happens on MSNBC.

He said liberal economists are able to imitate conservative ones, but not the other way round, and said there is a “level of openness to at least acknowledging that there are other viewpoints” on the left that is not “symmetric” with the right.

As they talked further about Republican economic policies, Krugman found himself longing for the comparatively “sane” GOP under George W. Bush and lamenting how much the GOP has “gone down the crazy path.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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