Mika Brzezinski Defends Joe Biden: ‘Extremely Affectionate, Extremely Flirtatious in a Completely Safe Way’


Mika Brzezinski defended Joe Biden in light of recent reports of alleged inappropriate and unwanted affection shown by the former Vice President, who many believe to be a front-runner for the 2020 race for Democratic nominee.

Biden is under media scrutiny after former Nevada State Assemblywoman Lucy Flores detailed, in a piece for The Cut, a very awkward and uncomfortable encounter she experienced in 2014. Numerous videos of a touchy-feely Biden showing affection towards women and girls have been used to show how he may cross lines have been shared, though one such recipient, Stephanie Carter, has since pushed back and claimed that it was “not a #MeToo moment.

Brzezinski, a consistent advocate of women’s rights, opened her defense of Biden cautiously, describing this as a “very extensive and careful conversation that we need to have.”

She then defended Biden who she described as a friend “There’s a lot of things I know about Joe Biden– I’ve known him for a long time — he is extremely affectionate extremely flirtatious in a completely safe way,” adding  “I am sure that somebody can misconstrue something he’s done. But as much as I can know what’s in anyone’s heart, I don’t think there is bad intent on his part at all.”

Watch the clip above via MSNBC

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