Omarosa Says Trump is Being ‘Puppeted’ By John Kelly: He ‘Has No Clue What’s Going On’

Omarosa Manigault‘s interview on the Today show got weird. As NBC News host Savannah Guthrie asked the Apprentice star turned White House official about her time in the Trump administration, Manigault grew increasingly testy with her interviewer.

The appearance ground awkwardly to a halt after Manigault cut off Guthrie and said she had another interview to get to.

Guthrie refused to end the interview without a final question about Trump: “Do you think he’s mentally competent to do this job?”

Manigault said she didn’t think the president is “fit” to serve, before referencing the audio recording she provided NBC News featuring Trump calling her to express shock at her firing,

“And as we heard on the recording that you just played, he doesn’t even know what’s happening in his White House,” she said. “[Chief of Staff] John Kelly is running this White House, and Donald Trump has no clue what’s going on. He’s being puppeted, and that’s very dangerous for this nation.”

It’s almost like Omarosa has a grudge against Kelly and knows that there is nothing Trump hates more than people saying he’s not in control…

Watch above, via NBC News.

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