Raddatz Grills Kaine on Clinton Emails: Don’t Americans ‘Deserve a Better Explanation’?

raddatz kaineABC’s Martha Raddatz really grilled Tim Kaine today on why his running mate isn’t offering more of an explanation of her emails beyond “I made a mistake,” given new information released by the FBI.

Raddatz asked, “Don’t the American people deserve a better explanation?”

Kaine insisted they have, said the notes clearly show why the FBI did not have a case to prosecute, and repeated the claim that Clinton used only one device. (The FBI notes confirm she used quite a number of devices.)

Raddatz pointed to how little Americans trust Clinton and why “shouldn’t she be answering questions on this.” Twice in a row Kaine changed the subject to Donald Trump asking Russia to find Clinton’s missing emails, suggested a connection to the DNC leak, and invoked Watergate.

Raddatz also questioned whether Clinton could even really identify proper classification markings based on revelations in the notes.

Watch how Kaine responded above, via ABC.

[image via screengrab]

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