Sarah Sanders Sidesteps Jim Acosta’s Question About ‘Democratic Wave’: ‘We Have a Great Story to Tell’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders may agree that the “Democratic wave” is coming, but she seems to think President Donald Trump will be able to sail his golden-plated ship into safer waters.

CNN’s Jim Acosta asked at the press briefing today if Sanders was concerned about a “Democratic wave” coming to “sweep Republicans out of the House” and potentially begin impeachment proceedings against the president.

“We are very confident in the record that we have and the very successful first year and a half that the president’s had in office and we expect to talk about that a lot,” Sanders replied. “We’d love for you guys [in the media] to talk about that a lot more too and we’d be happy to send you some talking points if you need some guidance on that front.”

Acosta was not charmed by the wry jab at the media’s negative coverage of Trump, nor was he deterred from getting his question answered. Again, he asked if Sanders was worried that Democrats would take over Congress come January.

“We certainly think that we have a great story to tell,” Sanders said, sidestepping the question. “We think America will be ready to listen to that.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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