Scarborough: No Presidential Candidate Has Been Treated as Badly as Two Years After Election as Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is in the news cycle again, but not directly because of any of her recent actions. The forever-foil of all things Trump (and what’s left of the Grand Old Party) is a permanent villain for a Republican party desperate for someone to blame.

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough seemed to defend the former Presidential candidate, Secretary of State, and First Lady and showed remarkable empathy in calling out what he sees as her unfair treatment. After airing a clip in which retiring Utah Senator Orrin Hatch claimed that had Ms. Clinton won the 2016 general election, she would have gotten away with much more than President Donald Trump does. (Really?)

Scarborough has had enough of the Clinton bashing, saying that in his 55 years, he has “never seen a former presidential candidate continue to be skewered and treated as badly as Hillary Clinton still is almost two years after that election.”

Lest we need more evidence of the White House obsession with Hillary Clinton, last night President Trump seemingly demanded that the DOJ and FBI look into an anonymously sourced Daily Caller report that China hacked Clinton’s emails while she was Secretary of State.

A reminder that when evidence surfaced that President Richard Nixon directed his DOJ to go after his political rivals, the Republican party became open to impeachment proceedings which ultimately led to his resignation.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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