Trump on Legal Issues: I Get ‘Good Information by Watching a Number of Shows’

In the first year of the Trump administration, there was something of a debate about how much television that President Donald Trump watched. Critics claimed that he was too obsessed with news coverage  (reportedly watching eight hours a day), while he denied that he even had time to watch television, despite the fact that an inordinate amount of his tweets were critical of cable news programming.

Well in year two of his time in the White House, it appears that Mr. Trump is now more willing to admit his predilection for television viewing, which was revealed in Fox News exclusive interview with Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

When asked about the legal problems of the now-former attorney for Trump Organization Michael Cohen, the Commander-in-Chief claimed that what is being alleged is not a crime.

“By the way, he pled to two counts which aren’t a crime which nobody understands,” Trump said. His evidence? “I watched a number of shows, sometimes you get good information by watching shows, those two counts aren’t a crime.”

Avid cable news viewers with a healthy diet of varied programs (offering differing points of view) might argue that some talking heads have made clear that of course what Michael Cohen pled guilty to was a crime. But Trump is correct in that others have claimed what he is referencing here.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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