Trump on Possible Muslim President: ‘Some People Have Said It Already Happened’


When asked about the possibility of having a Muslim in the White House, Donald Trump said on NBC’s Meet the Press that some people think it’s already happened.

Host Chuck Todd asked Trump about Thursday’s town hall exchange, during which a supporter accused Barack Obama of being a Muslim. “Can you imagine supporting or being comfortable if a Muslim ever became President of the United States?” he asked

“I can say that, you know, it’s something that at some point could happen. We’ll see, it could happen.” Trump said. “Would I be comfortable? I don’t know if we have to address it right now.”

“Some people have said it already happened, frankly. Of course, you wouldn’t agree with that,” he added.

“Actually, let’s get to that: why won’t you concede that the President is a Christian and the President was born in the United States?” asked Todd.

“Because, I don’t talk about people’s faith. Now in all fairness, he said he was a Christian and he said he is a Christian. He attended the church of Reverend Wright,” Trump noted. “I am willing to take his word for that, I have no problem with that.”

Watch, via NBC.

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