Van Jones Hits Dems ‘Spun Up’ About Impeaching Trump: ‘We Might Have a Problem in This Party’


Calls for President Donald Trump‘s impeachment have been heard routinely in recent months, but one left-leaning commentator bashed the demand as counterproductive.

In an interview Thursday, CNN’s Van Jones said the idea, which has been floated by some Democrats in reaction to Trump’s laundry list of scandals, signaled that “we might have a problem in this party.”

“I think if Democrats want to present themselves as a party that should have the presidency, they might want to actually focus on everyday issues,” he said, looking ahead to 2020. “I think there’s a section of people in our party that are spun up about Trump, rightfully so, understandably so, and feel impeachment is some badge, some proof that you’re really mad about what’s going on in the country.”

While Jones felt anger toward the commander in chief is warranted, he felt the fixation on his ouster wouldn’t help to propel the party or the country forward.

A more practical mindset, Jones contended, would be to say, “I’m mad about what’s going on in the country so I want to help you, not spend all my time trying to figure out a way to hurt the president.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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