Watch: Ted Cruz ‘Jokingly’ Predicted That Trump Would Nuke Denmark if Elected President


As President Donald Trump sinks deeper into a feud with Denmark over the purchase of Greenland, a joking prediction that Ted Cruz (R-TX) made during the 2016 campaign looms ominously.

When Trump’s quirky interest in buying Greenland came to light last week, the result was instant mockery. After Trump confirmed his allegedly casual designs on Greenland, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen responded rather harshly, calling the notion “absurd.”

On Tuesday, Trump announced, via Twitter, that he was cancelling a state visit to Denmark over Frederiksen’s refusal to consider the allegedly back-burner idea, to which she responded Wednesday by saying that Greenland is still not for sale. Trump then lashed out at Frederiksen, calling her remarks about the deal “nasty.”

Where is this all headed? Nowhere good, if Ted Cruz’s eerily prescient joke is any indication.

During a February 3, 2016 gaggle with reporters in New Hampshire, Cruz was asked about whatever then-candidate Trump’s latest attack was, and Cruz responded with forced laughter, then said “Donald’s insults get more and more hysterical the more and more upset he gets. And that’s fine, he can do that, I’m not going to respond in kind.”

Asked if he thought Trump’s insults were “funny,” Cruz said “I think they are very funny, I think Donald, I wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing Donald has tweeted. Because he’s losing it.”

“We need someone with judgment and the temperament to keep this country safe,” Cruz said, adding “I don’t know anyone who would be comfortable with someone who behaves this way having his finger on the button.”

“I mean we’re liable to wake up one morning, and Donald, if he were president, would have nuked Denmark,” Cruz continued, adding” That’s not the temperament of a liter to keep this country safe.”

Cruz’s concern for Denmark only went so far, apparently, since he endorsed Trump for president a few months later, and has become a reliable source of lavish praise for Trump.

This clip may make some people nostalgic for a time when the only thing Trump could nuke was a Hot Pocket, and given Trump’s current feud with Denmark, it’s a lot less funny.

Watch Cruz’s remarks and Shepard Smith‘s priceless reaction above, via Fox News.

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