House Investigating Whether Trump Lied to Mueller

The House of Representatives is looking into whether President Donald Trump lied to Special Counsel Robert Mueller,

CNN reported Monday morning that the House’s general counsel revealed they are investigating Trump’s written answers to Mueller during the special counsel’s investigation into Russian election interference.

Rep. Jamie Raskin commented on the investigation in an interview with CNN’s Kate Bolduan on At This Hour Monday.

“It’s a crime to lie to federal prosecutors in the course of a federal proceeding. That’s perjury. It was also the basis for the GOP-controlled house’s impeachment of Bill Clinton for lying under oath, for committing perjury. So it’s a very serious offense – and it’s obviously something that we take seriously,” Raskin said.

“Could this fit into the question of impeachment that we’re looking at right now?” Bolduan asked.

“The president committing perjury in the process of the investigation would be another article under the obstruction of justice, or it could be — I mean, it could be another point under that, or it could be a separate article. None of that has been decided yet,” Raskin answered.

Watch above, via CNN.

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