WH Reporter Threatens Public Puking to Protest All the Goddamn Trump Questions

A White House reporter covering Press Secretary Josh Earnest‘s daily briefings has threatened a public puking in protest of all the questions (and answers) relating to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Ex-POLITICO reporter Patrick Gavin, who filmed a documentary about the White House Correspondents’ Association’s annual dinner and is currently on day #94 of his 500-day attempt to interview President Barack Obama, decided to keep track of the number of times Trump’s name was mentioned during Tuesday’s press conference.

“If Donald Trump’s name doesn’t get brought up once, I will get Donald Trump’s name tattooed on my forearm,” he says. “If Donald Trump’s name gets brought up 20 or more times, I will purposefully make myself throw up.”

Gavin, as he predicted earlier in the video, is never called on throughout the briefing. However, Trump’s name does come up. A lot.

He tried to keep count throughout the briefing and, after departing the White House, determines “that was definitely more than 20 mentions.” A subsequent review of the transcript reveals that Donald Trump was mentioned by name 61 times.

“Now I’ve got to find a way to throw up on camera. I’ve never intentionally gagged myself. This is not going to be pretty.”

Check out the clip above, via Patrick Gavin.

[Image via screengrab]

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