Bill Hemmer Grills GOP Senator On Earmark Hypocrisy

Senator John Cornyn appeared on FOX News with anchor Bill Hemmer and hoped to discuss his strong opposition to the massive spending bill proposed by Democrats. Hemmer, however, would not let him escape without addressing Cornyn’s own contribution to the bill: $16 million worth of earmarks. Cornyn said he was in favor of an earmark moratorium yet considered his earmarks “individually defensible.” Hemmer rightly said “I’m confused.”

First Cornyn described passing the spending bill at this time as “completely tone deaf . . . after coming off this election when the American people said very clearly that this runaway Washington spending and this unsustainable debt were just unacceptable.” Apparently Cornyn’s hearing aid is not too functional either as he thinks his earmarks in the bill somehow represent Washington spending that American people would find acceptable. Regardless, Cornyn thinks voting against the entire bill is more important than defending his earmarks.

Hemmer, with just a simple question, is able to catch the Senator off-guard and help to dispel any myth that Republicans are always “safe” when appearing on FOX News.

(h/t The Blaze)

Watch the clip from FOX News below:

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