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Trump Supporters Must Accept That The President Has His Own Sexual Misconduct Allegations

In a country so divided, so polarized, it’s difficult to have an honest discussion, a discussion that involves listening to those who you don’t agree with or admitting when your own side is at fault.

Just look at the wave of sexual abuse scandals that have hit the country in recent weeks. They started in Hollywood, made their way into the media, and now they’ve hit politics. GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and Democratic Senator Al Franken have been the latest public servants to have allegations made against them.

Obviously, both of their situations are very different, but abuses of power and disrespect for women are still a common thread. And while their controversies were making headlines, there’s been a renewed “reckoning” on the left of Bill Clinton, who for decades was dogged with accusations of assault and rape, and there has now been a reexamination of accusations made against Donald Trump as well.

It’s no secret that Trump supporters love to talk about the Clintons because they’re easy targets, especially since they’re now political has-beens. Lately, they found glee in rehashing the allegations made by Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey as well as the Monica Lewinsky scandal. But whenever someone mentions the allegations made against the current president, they panic with denials and deflections.

After the infamous Access Hollywood tape was leaked during the 2016 election, over a dozen accusers came forward claiming the then-candidate had violated them in years past from forced kissing, to groping, to touching their genitals. Trump dismissed all the allegations as lies, threatened to sue these women, and was able to push back hard enough while at the same time dragged Clinton’s past into the national dialogue and used him as a shield. Ultimately, his plan worked out in the end since he got himself elected.

But despite what he allegedly did as a billionaire socialite and celebrity reality show host, they fall by the wayside of his staunchest supporters. Earlier this week, Sean Hannity attempted to dismiss all the allegations by saying that “many of them” (in reality, it was maybe two or three) came on his show to say that they were “taken out of context.”

On Fox Business, Maria Bartiromo said there were “no allegations made against the president” and seemed to justify her statement by apparently taking Trump at his word when he said they “weren’t true.” And on Sunday, Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz seemed to rely on the fact that “he won” the election as an excuse to not talk about his allegations since they were made leading up to Election Day.

All of these people believe that Clinton’s accusers, as well as Moore’s accusers, are credible yet try to brush the roughly 16 women that came out against Trump under the rug. Why should we believe one set of women and not the other? It’s tribalism at its worst.

What’s so ironic is that what they’re doing now is what they’re currently slamming Democrats for. The left has had over two decades to denounce Clinton for his sexual misconduct and they waited until he’s become powerless and irrelevant to speak out. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, columnists from The Atlantic, The New York Times, and Vox, and liberals like Chelsea Handler have all come out to become Juanita Broaddrick’s support system that she needed nearly two decades ago. New York Senator and shameless opportunist Kirsten Gillibrand recently said Clinton should have resigned during the Lewinsky scandal after he raised a ton of cash for her senatorial campaign solely to position herself for a 2020 presidential run.

These Democrats deserve to be mocked because they were too cowardly to speak out against Clinton when it mattered, not even during the 2016 election. And to call them brave for condemning the once-beloved liberal now that he’s useless and there’s no risk in criticizing him is a joke in itself. Who knows? If Democrats had the guts to not tolerate such an alleged sexual predator in the Oval Office back then, perhaps we wouldn’t have one in the Oval Office today.

Another thing that’s comical about all of this is that supporters of Trump are making it seem like he’s a saint. We’re talking about a man who has cheated on his wives, who has bragged about his sexual conquests, and who has a well-documented history of disparaging women. We’re not exactly talking about Prince Charming here. And after he sent those tweets targeting “Al Frankenstien” while remaining silent on Moore, he was essentially asking us to re-litigate his own transgressions.

Both Democrats and Republicans have creeps in their own party. It’s a bipartisan problem. If we’re not going to tolerate Moore’s potential presence in the Senate for his alleged wrongdoing, then we shouldn’t tolerate Franken’s current presence in the Senate whose wrongdoing was actually photographed. We should address the inappropriate behaviors of Clinton, Trump, and newly-discovered serial-groper George H.W. Bush. If we want to have an honest discussion about sexual misconduct in this country, we first have to be honest with ourselves.

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

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