Trump Plugs Fox News’ Saturday Line-up: ‘Honest Commentary is Always Nice’

President Donald Trump plugged the Fox News Saturday line-up over the holiday weekend, touting the evening programming as a “good night of television.”

The president started by telling folks to tune into Mark Levin‘s show, which featured an hour-long conversation with Byron York vigorously defending Trump and making it abundantly clear collusion did not take place.

Here is a short clip:

Then, after retweets of Maria Bartiromo and Lou Dobbs, Trump further encouraged people to tune into Watters’ World, Jeanine Pirro‘s show and finally Greg Gutfeld.

“Good night of television!” Trump wrote. “8:00 PM @WattersWorld 9:00 PM @JudgeJeanine with an interview of @RudyGiuliani followed by Greg G. Honest commentary is always nice!”

Watters’ show, by the way, also started off with a vigorous and extended defense of Trump in wake of the Mueller report, including praising Trump for fighting back and surviving against “political shock and awe campaign” that “would have crippled any other politician who had a normal pain threshold.”

Pirro then followed it up with a feisty open defending Trump following by interviews with Rudy Giuliani and Kellyanne Conway.

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