Donald Trump Promised to Release His Tax Returns a Year Ago: ‘I Have No Objection’

Trump Promised to Release His Tax Returns a Year Ago

trump-300x197In an interview with talk radio host Hugh Hewitt in February of 2015, Donald Trump said that would “certainly” release his tax returns if he ran for president, saying he had “no objection” to the idea.

Trump hedged at first when Hewitt asked about his tax returns, saying he would certainly “go over” them if he ran for president. “Would you release tax returns, though?” Hewitt pressed.

“I would release tax returns,” Trump said, “and I would also explain to people that as a person that’s looking to make money, I’m in the business of making money… and if I won, I’d make money for our country.”

Hewitt asked how many years of tax returns he would release, but Trump couldn’t give an answer. “I don’t know, I actually have not even thought of that,” he said. “But I would certainly show tax returns if it was necessary.”

“I think two or three years would be great,” Hewitt offered up.

“We’ll take a good strong look at that…” Trump promised. “But I have no objection to certainly showing tax returns.”

Listen above, via The Hugh Hewitt Show.

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