JUST IN: New AP Poll Shows Trump Approval Rating Down to 36%

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According to newly released poll results by the Associated Press, nearly two out of three Americans surveyed do not approve of the job that President Donald Trump is doing.

AP reports that their most recent AP-NORC poll shows that “Thirty-six percent approve of Trump’s handing of his job and 62% disapprove. There continues to be large differences between the views of Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are much more likely to approve of how Trump is handling the issues.”

36% is not the lowest approval rating that Trump has polled since taking office as he an two other occasions clocked in at 35%. The trending of mid-30’s approval, however, raises serious concerns about re-election efforts, though the General Election is still more than a year away.

Other polls still show Trump’s approval in the low 40’s, as FiveThirtyEight shows his aggregate polling comes in at 41.6%.


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