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Mayor Pete Defends Big Fundraisers to David Axelrod: ‘How Else Can We Fund Campaigns?’

2020 presidential contender Mayor Pete Buttigieg defended high-value fundraisers to CNN’s David Axelrod, saying “we are trying to reach everybody at every level.”

“You raised quite a bit of money, almost $25 million in a quarter which was phenomenal,” Axelrod said. “You’ve done 70 fundraisers in places like Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street. … Does it give you any concern?”

“We are trying to reach everybody at every level. In addition to the traditional political work we do we have a lot of grass roots fund raisers where tickets are very affordable,” Buttigieg said.

“Until we change our campaign finance system, we are going to continue to have this problem that the people we elect and expect to spend their time solving our policy problems are spending way too much time raising the dollars they need to in order to play the field,” Buttigieg explained.

“Including you?” Axelrod asked.

“Yeah, how else can we fund the campaigns?” Buttigieg responded.

Axelrod noted “you are playing the rules as they are written now and try and change them if you get the chance.”

“I can’t change them until we get the chance,” Buttigieg said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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