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Native American Congresswoman Criticizes Trump’s Attacks on Warren: ‘Unfortunate He Continues to Use Racial Slurs’

Rep. Deb Haaland (D-NM), one of the first native American women elected to Congress, said she was disappointed President Donald Trump continues to attack Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) with a slur.

“I did the Pocahontas thing, maybe it can be revived,” Trump said at a recent rally attacking Warren.

Haaland criticized Trump’s attacks as “racial slurs.”

“He probably knows that he is set to lose this election, he’s underwater in several handfuls of states right now and you know, look, she is one of the front runners, of course he is going to attack her,” Haaland told CNN’s Ana Cabrera Saturday. “It is unfortunate that he continues to use racial slurs against native Americans when attacking her.”

Cabrera also asked if Haaland felt the 2020 Democratic candidates were giving enough attention to indigenous communities.

“On Monday and Tuesday, there is a native American forum for the presidential candidates in Iowa, and there will be a lot of attention paid to Indian voters,” Haaland responded. “I myself have been working to get out the vote in the Indian country for the last several decades.”

“I think we can all work extremely hard to make sure that the Indian vote is in force this coming election in 2020 and I think that we’ll be super excited across the country to make sure that we have a say in who our next president is,” she continued.

Watch above, via CNN.

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