Seth Meyers Says Trump Would ‘Flip More Than a Dad Working a Grill’ if Ever Arrested

On his latest show, Seth Meyers took President Donald Trump to task for railing against those who flip.

Back in August, Trump said during a Fox News interview that flipping “almost ought to be outlawed. It’s not fair.”

Yet, according to the Late Night host, if Trump ended up in jail, he’d flip too.

“Trump may say he’s against flipping but if he were ever arrested he’d flip more than a dad working a grill at a cookout,” Meyers said during his Closer Look segment. “Here is our scientific computer simulation of how Trump would react if he was indicted…. ‘It was Don Jr, it was Eric, it was Ivanka, it was Melania, it was Tiffany—take Tiffany, you want Tiffany, you don’t want me you want Tiffany!’”

Meyers also brought up this tweet from Trump about Roger Stone.

He then said what really shows Stone has guts is the fact Stone goes out in public “dressed like a coke dealer from a Charles Dickens novel.”

Watch above, via NBC

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