Bill Maher Calls Animals “The Glenn Close Of Species” At PETA Benefit

Despite what people who enjoy humanely-raised animals and foie gras may think, PETA is still pretty popular among some segments of the population, particularly celebrities who are funny and showed up at Wednesday’s “Stand Up For Animals” benefit in Los Angeles. But though one Bill Maher believes that PETA is awesome, he observed that it has a bunny boiler-esque quality in the way that it goes about its day:

“Before PETA was around, you know, you could f-ck with animals any way, anybody, anytime, anywhere, and now you can’t. That’s a pretty big change in the world. That’s a big achievement. … Animals will not be ignored. They’re the Glenn Close of species.

That is an astute observation, Mr. Maher. What with their bikini lettuce models putting vegan hot dogs in their mouths, and their fish empathy, and their members’ alleged stalking of chefs who put foie gras on their menu, Fatal Attraction – style, you can’t deny that PETA is very good at being all up in your face about the animals, yelling that your belly is full of (tasty) death.

(Also, if animals are the Glenn Close of species, what does this make fungi? The Rodney Dangerfield of species?)

[h/t Ecorazzi]

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