Last Call: Art Smith’s ‘Big-Ass’ Fourth Of July Boat

Twitter: Did you have a good Fourth of July? Did you have as good a Fourth as Art Smith had? Probably not.

Elle Decor: Ugh, look at this perfect Hamptons celebrity chef house, and the entire story about how Stephanie March convinced Bobby Flay to give up his Hamptons bachelor pad that “smelled like golf” is also perfect, and why can’t we be there right now ugh it’s so gross outside today!

The Evening Express: Scotland pats itself on the back for how well they handled the horse meat scandal, which would be great, if they’d actually stopped horses from getting into burgers in the first place.

Nordic Food Lab: Herring + koji = umami anchovies. All of the science!

The Daily Meal: The oldest worker at McDonald’s is 88 years old — older than the chain itself, but probably not as old as some of the burgers they serve.

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