WATCH: Michael Symon Suffers A Nip-Slip On Jimmy Fallon

Michael Symon stopped by Jimmy Fallon last night to satiate the dudes drooling over Emma Watson (a guest earlier in the evening) with a ginger snap and a pork roll. Sure, a ginger snap doesn’t sound like a manly drink, what with all the ginger simple syrup you have to cook down first. But add it to bourbon and ginger beer? Even veteran bourbon drinker Jimmy Fallon grew a bit huskier-voiced upon taking a sip. Michael warned that his hair would start growing in like ?uestlove’s if he drank too much, so on they moved to the pork, which, of course, meant onto the sex jokes. Sigh. Boys and their meats.

But, Chef Symon knows how to please a lady or two because when Jimmy asked about his pork tattoo, he was all too willing to flash it. As he unbuttoned his shirt, though, to display the ink on his left pec, one too many buttons popped open and we got a little nipple action, which Symon quickly hid behind his hand with much blushing.

“They’re never gonna let me dance at the Superbowl, now!” he moaned.

Check out the clip below, if you’re jonesin’ for a little Michael Symon eye candy to kick off your weekend.

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