Joe Scarborough: Mayor Pete Could Be Formidable ‘If He Can Find Three Black Voters to Support Him’


Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough absolutely wrecked Mayor Pete Buttigieg when he observed that the candidate would be a formidable opponent for President Donald Trump “if he can find three black voters to support him.”

On Friday morning’s edition of Morning Joe, Scarborough casually dropped a bomb on Mayo Pete — as he has not-so-affectionately been nicknamed by some critics — while discussing the premise that a lengthy impeachment trial will hobble some Democratic presidential candidates, while helping others.

“I think the Republicans are trying to be too clever by half when they’re talking about they’re going to extend impeachment to try to mess up Democrats in the middle of the primary season,” Scarborough said.

“What are they doing? They are keeping Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren off the campaign trail,” Scarborough continued. “They’re hurting their boogeymen, they’re hurting their quote socialists.”

“And they’re going to be helping Joe Biden, the person they don’t want to run against, and they’re going to be helping Mayor Pete, another person that I would suggest, if he can find three black voters to support him, is also somebody that they don’t want to run against,” Scarborough added.

Buttigieg has struggled to attract black voters, to put it charitable, but in the most recent Economist/YouGov national poll, Buttigieg did receive two percent support from a sample of 115 black voters, which means, for the time being, he’s found two or three black people to support him. Biden leads the field at 40 percent, more than doubling runner-up Elizabeth Warren,

As for Scarborough’s analysis, the developing conventional wisdom that a lengthy impeachment trial would hurt Democratic senators in the race ignores the fact that those candidates could potentially benefit, at least nationally, from the exposure that such a trial could provide.

Senators Kamala Harris of California and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota have distinguished themselves as razor-sharp interrogators at Senate hearings, and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren scored one of her most iconic moments in the deliberative body by clashing with McConnell.

The tradeoff of ground game in crucial states may not exactly be even, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a tragedy for them.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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