SHOCKER: NAACP Convention Votes Unanimously to Support Impeaching Trump

The NAACP Convention, taking place this week in Detroit, voted unanimously on Tuesday for a resolution supporting the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Organization president Derrick Johnson tweeted just after the unanimous vote, including a clip of the crowd reaction.

Other videos went around on social media, including the Facebook clip (above) from Virginia talk radio 1080 WKBY.

The resolution passed one day after Rep. Rashida Tlaib addressed the convention, during which speech Tlaib stated “I’m not going nowhere, not until I impeach this president,” in response to the chants of “send her back” and Trump’s remarks about Tlaib and her fellow members of what the media has dubbed “the squad” to “go back” to the countries they came from. (Three of the four congresswomen were born in the United States, and all four are citizens.)

In his own speech on Tuesday, Trump mentioned Tlaib and what he referred to as “AOC plus three” once again, while talking to TPUSA’s Teen Action Summit.

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