After Questioning Hillary’s Health, Trump Says He’ll Release His Medical Records if She Does

hillary trumpWell. It would seem that the back and forth between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump over each others’ health has reached the “I will if she will” stage.

After several weeks of entertaining unproven theories about Clinton’s deteriorating well-being, Trump announced today that he’s willing to give out records of his medical history if his Democratic rival does as well:

Trump’s own health has come into question recently when skeptics highlighted several blaring oddities in the note from his personal physician. NBC recently caught up with Dr. Harold Bernstein, who almost seemed to channel his patient when explaining the letter in a rather unusual interview.

As Trump supporters jumped on board with the “Hillary’s Health” theories and demanded her complete medical history, Clinton’s defenders have said that the very same demands could be made for Trump’s tax returns. Indeed, Clinton recently released her complete tax history while offering Trump a challenge to stop withholding his own.

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