Beck: Trump Won’t Condemn White Supremacists, Their Votes Could ‘Put Him Over the Top’

beckGlenn Beck really let loose on Donald Trump today and said he suspects the GOP frontrunner won’t condemn white supremacists because they’re coming out and voting for him.

Beck said that Trump’s bad earpiece excuse for not disavowing ex-KKK leader David Duke is such an obvious lie and his attempts before and after to disavow Duke were lame at best.

He charged, “He doesn’t want to say anything about white supremacists because he knows white supremacists are coming out and voting for him, and he knows it is very, very close in the South.”

Beck even suggested “it could be the Klansmen that put him over the top, and so he doesn’t want to say anything!”

And once again, Beck drew parallels between Trump’s rise and Adolf Hitler‘s.

You can listen to the relevant segment in the player above (starting at the 3-minute mark), via The Glenn Beck Program.

[image via screengrab]

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