Bernie Sanders Does Not Rule Out Accepting VP Spot With Clinton

Speaking to MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Sunday, Sen. Bernie Sanders would not rule out accepting a hypothetical VP slot on a ticket with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. 

“Would you take the call if Hillary Clinton asked you to be her running mate?” Todd asked.

“Right now, again, here we are in California, I’m knocking my brains out to win the Democratic nomination. That’s where I am right now” Sanders said. “What happens afterwards, you know, we’ll see. But right now, my focus is on winning the nomination.”

“That was a very political type of answer that says, you’re not answering the question,” Todd responded. “Fair enough? You’re not ruling it out.”

Sanders chucked. “What I am saying right now is our focus is on winning the Democratic nomination.”

In the same interview, Sanders said that California was extremely important to his campaign and he believed he had a “good chance” of winning it.

The California primary is June 7, and the most recent poll average shows Clinton with 8 point lead.

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