Bill Maher Wants to Have Milo Yiannopoulos Back on Real Time

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Bill Maher is still dealing with the fallout from his use of the N-word on Real Time, and amid all this, it turns out the HBO host has been apparently gearing up for Round 2 with conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

Esquire released a lengthy profile about Maher on Tuesday and it examined Maher’s thoughts on why it was important to challenge Yiannapoulos’ rhetoric by having him on the show. Maher said that wanted to have another go with the former Breitbart editor, and Yiannopoulos separately told the magazine that plans for his return are in motion.

“I actually want to have him back,” said Maher. “I don’t think he would be that hard to bring around to a much more reasonable position.”

Shortly after Yiannopoulos’ appearance back in February, the provocateur faced an avalanche of controversy when a video emerged where he appeared to defend pedophilia. The scandal cost Yiannopoulos his speaking slot at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), his Simon & Schuster book deal, and it also forced him to resign from Breitbart.

At the time, Maher took credit for Yiannopoulos’ downfall because it supposedly proved him right about how sunlight is the best disinfectant for controversial political positions.

Yiannopoulos said his fall from grace had nothing to do with Maher, and he praised the Real Time host for doing “a big service to speech in the public square.”

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