Clinton’s New Platform Is One We Can All Get Behind: We Need 5G Internet!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 6.43.55 PMThere are some issues that are just bipartisan. Everyone can agree on them. Chief among these is the belief that we need faster Internet connectivity. Hillary Clinton hears you. Hillary Clinton wants to help. Hillary Clinton has the same complaints as the average American.

Look at this tweet!

It links to an article that outlines what she would do to further technology as president. She wants to foster entrepreneurship and job growth, invest in world-class digital infrastructure, and more. Regarding 5G speeds, she aims to do this:

She’ll also invest new federal resources into connecting America’s anchor institutions—train stations, airports, and other public places—so they can provide free WiFi to the public. And she’ll help foster the evolution of 5G wireless and next generation wireless-systems to support faster internet connection and nascent technologies, such as smart factories and driverless cars, that have the potential to create jobs and improve lives.

This may be it. This may be the secret to uniting all Americans. This may usher in an unprecedented era of cooperation and peace.

[image via Nathania Johnson]

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