Donald Trump Calls For Ending The Filibuster: ‘Dems Would Do It, No Doubt!’

Trump time

Donald Trump returned from abroad and Memorial Day solemnity and dove right back into the fray of Washington politics. With his legislative agenda largely stalled, the president took to Twitter to call on Senate Republican leaders to end the filibuster and use a bare 51 vote majority to pass his agenda.

“Dems would do it, no doubt,” he said.

By 10:30 a.m. the president has already issued a number of volleys on his favorite social network. He once again raked Germany over the coals, saying the country was “bad” for the U.S. and warned the the Russians were “laughing” at the U.S and it’s “fake media”

So par for the course.

Even though Senate Republican invoked the “nuclear option” to eliminate the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees, it would be a significantly more momentous event if Senate Leader Mitch McConnell decided to pull the trigger for all legislative actions — perhaps a so called “hydrogen option.” In the past McConnell has bluntly been cool to the idea, telling reporters earlier this month “that will not happen.”

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