Donald Trump ‘Wants to Get the Word Out’ About His Large and Strong ‘Hands’

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 3.29.17 PMFolks, we are perilously close to Donald Trump “accidentally” tweeting out a dick pic. At a campaign rally in Orlando, Florida Saturday, the Republican frontrunner continued to reassure people about the size of his hands, which Sen. Marco Rubio inextricably linked to Trump’s peen, and which for those who didn’t get it the first time, Trump hung a lantern on it at the debate.

Trump related to the crowd how people he meets can’t help but remark on his “large and strong” hands:

“Gee whiz, Mr. Trump, you actually have large and strong hands,” I said “Yeah.” So I wanted to get the word out.”

Can we please head this whole thing off by stipulating that Trump is the biggest-“handed” dude since Milton Berle, and get on with our lives? Seriously, Don, we don’t need to see proof!

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