Donald Trump’s Dinner Menu For Xi Jinping Misrepresenting the American Flag


Donald Trump needs to fire every copy editor and graphic designer who comes near him and his White House.

His campaign materials often featured misspellings, but hey, that happens when you’re running from city to city, right? The problem followed him right into his presidency, though, with huge mistakes on the official inaugural crowd photo, which showed the wrong date, and his official portrait, which had a glaring grammatical error. His Department of Education followed that up with a tweet that misspelled W. E. B. Du Bois‘s name.

Now, we’re here. Look at this menu that is being offered Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The Washington Post‘s Joe Heim counted 56 stars on the flag, and though Mediaite only counts 55, the fact still remains that there are only 50 stars on the flag in real life because there are only 50 states.

Or are there?!

What does it all mean? Should Canada and Mexico be on the lookout for surprise annexation? Why is China’s flag represented correctly? Should we be on the lookout for something?

Really, though, these sorts of mistakes are really starting to look bad.

[image via screengrab]


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