Don’t Believe the ‘Dark Polls,’ Trump Assures Supporters: ‘We’re Winning This Race’

trumpDonald Trump drove home the message that his campaign is winning the race despite the fact that he is trailing in virtually every national and swing state poll. A corrupt media apparatus was putting out “phony polls” as part of a coordinated effort to “suppress the vote,” he said

Speaking to supporters in Florida Monday morning, Trump said that polls were “part of the crooked system, part of the rigged system that I’ve been talking about since I entered the race.”

“These are what — they call them ‘dark polls.’ They are phony polls put out by phony media,” he added. “And I’ll tell you what: All of us are affected by this stuff. And what they try and do is they try and suppress the vote. This way people don’t go out and vote. But we’re winning this race.”

Trump’s comments echored the claims he made in a tweet Monday morning, in which he alleged that “Dems are making up phony polls in order to suppress the the [sic] Trump.”

“We are going to WIN!” he added.

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Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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